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The Just Cause Universe is a shared superhero setting created by Ian Thomas Healy. It features more than 20 novels and several volumes of short stories—but you don't have to start at the beginning. Each book stands on its own, so you can jump in at any point!

My contributions to the JCU are the novels Hero Academy and Plague, plus two short stories: "Impulses," in the anthology The Good Fight 4: The Homefront and "The Deepest Part of Shadow" in The Good Fight 5: The Golden Age. I'm currently working on another novel, Interns, which should be out in 2021!

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BEHIND THE MASK : I talk about writing for a shared universe, creating the Hero Academy, and using current events as inspiration for fiction. Check it out!

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Attending the Just Cause Hero Academy is a great honor, and Freshman superhero Chloe Wyle is eager to impress her classmates and instructors–especially legendary combat instructor Mustang Sally. Chloe is off to an excellent start for the year, with an awesome roommate, some great new friends, and even a handsome boy who seems as interested in her as she is in him.


However, only days into the semester, things get weird. Chloe begins to experience unexplained visions. Mysterious fires ignite around campus with no apparent source. Disturbing emails suggest a sinister organization is attempting to recruit students for . . . something. All the evidence points to an approaching catastrophe, and Chloe and her friends must try to stop it before it’s too late.

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Zeke Shepherd only knows the beliefs of his home, a compound of parahuman-hating white supremacists in Northern Idaho. When he manifests the ability to control swarms of insects and small animals, it’s the most terrifying thing he can imagine. He’s become the very thing he’s supposed to despise. His only friend and confidant, Gabe, suffers from a similar problem, having been forced through anti-gay conversion therapy by his abusive family. When the two boys discover the compound elders’ plans for a terrorist attack on the citizens of Coeur d’Alene, they know they must escape and find a way to stop it.




Young superhero-in-training WyldWing is home in Coeur d’Alene for the summer, visited by her friends Fireball and Meta Moth. Can the three Hero Academy students halt the terrorists with Zeke and Gabe’s help, or will they become the hate group’s first casualties in a rage-fueled mass murder?

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Still to Come: INTERNS

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After graduating from the Hero Academy, WyldWing and her classmates head off to their internships with Just Cause.

But when a familiar foe emerges, they'll need to come together to stop him...


And the shadowy organization behind his dastardly plans.