Dedra is a young violin prodigy with the remarkable ability to escape her unhappy life by slipping through the veil between this world and another. There, music is visible, painting vibrant colors in the air, and underlying every aspect of society.


When Dedra starts a chain reaction that puts both worlds in danger, will her talents and wits be enough to stop the strings of reality from unraveling?

Still to come: Traveler Hunted

When Dedra's enemies band together against her, she, Eosin, and a contingent of sisters flee Oolos only to learn their pursuers can't be easily shaken--even in Inovum, where Dedra learns some troubling information about one of them. Meanwhile, their contact with the veil has strange effects on Dedra and Ahlaya, and Yidavil faces escalating unrest as he tries to lead an Oolos thrown into chaos.

What People are Saying About the Veil Series

"I just love the world of this book! It especially speaks to music lovers. The story is beautifully woven with interesting characters and really well written. Can't wait for the sequel!"

-Rebecca Cook

"The story and the characters capture you. I couldn't put it down. I highly recommend."

-Lori Martin

"Adrienne Dellwo has done an admirable job for a first novel. She has created a fantasy world that clearly stretches beyond the limits of the story - it's clear this place has existed long before Dedra's arrival, and stretches further than the boundaries of the story. That's the mark of a strong writer."

-Ian T. Healy

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